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Tutorials Included In This Course

Reading Section: The DQE Method

Sarah Egan’s breakthrough technique: The DQE Method equips the student with a clear strategy to address the questions on the Reading Section of the examination.

These tutorials unlock the skills needed for success in the Reading Section of Paper 1. This is essential viewing and includes the following:

  • The DQE Method explained
  • How I teach The DQE Method
  • Model answers to examination questions
  • Assessment Objectives explained
  • Understanding the Mark Schemes for the Reading Section

Reading Section: The Unseen

These tutorials build on The DQE Method to approach one of the most challenging aspects of the examination paper: the Unseen extract.

A 6 part series of tutorials conveying how to approach, analyse and structure a response to the Unseen extract of Paper 1, including:

  • Analysis of extracts from Anne Frank’s Diary written in 1942 and 1943
  • Model answers to typical examination questions on the extracts
  • Downloads of materials used in these tutorials

Reading Section: The Anthology

21 Tutorials providing a thorough analysis and explanation of the 10 Anthology articles.

This collection of 21 tutorials teaches the student how to analyse all 10 of the current Anthology articles:

  • The Danger Of A Single Story
  • A Passage To Africa
  • The Explorer’s Daughter
  • Explorers Or Boys Messing About
  • Between A Rock And A Hard Place
  • Young & Dyslexic
  • A Game Of Polo With A Headless Goat
  • Beyond The Sky And The Earth
  • H Is For Hawk
  • Chinese Cinderella

Writing Section: Skills

From writing a speech to a formal letter, the correct formats and conventions explained.

6 tutorials on the required forms of writing:

  • A Formal Letter
  • An Informal Letter
  • A Speech
  • A Newspaper Article
  • A Blog Post
  • A Magazine Article

Writing Section: Exam Techniques

All the techniques required to excel at the Writing Section of Paper 1.

Vital information for the student to know in order to prepare them for the examination, including:

  • Understanding the Mark Scheme
  • Effective Proof Reading
  • Writing Paragraphs Correctly
  • All About Punctuation
  • What (And How) To Revise For The Writing Section

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Includes automatic access to Edexcel English Language Paper 2 tutorials when published

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